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Free Affiliate Program Guides

The internet is a powerful income generator, and of those income sources out there, one of the most powerful internet income solutions is free affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are typically money making programs that individuals can join for free and earn a substantial income from.

I know, that doesn't make sense, how can you join a program for free yet earn money? The basic premise is simple, while many free affiliate programs vary. Some do require an upgrade purchase while others do not, allowing you to make a profit for every person you bring into the program that chooses to upgrade.

Free affiliate programs are steadily becoming one of the fastest growing trends in internet marketing. Their growing popularity makes them a good choice for internet marketing at this time because the public interest is still so high, making them easier to market. Some people view them as a solid method of learning valuable internet marketing skills without having to dig deep into their pockets for high end marketing programs. Others see them as the absolute source of internet marketing income for the next fifty years.


Regardless of the program venture, it is necessary to meet certain requirements before joining the internet marketing revolution. The basic requirements are fairly simple. Be willing to risk at least a small amount of money on advertising, be willing to take someone else's advice, and of course, be willing to be at least mildly patient. Dynasties are not built overnight no matter how hard the e-mail in your junk box is trying to convince you otherwise. Pretty simple?

Next in line is understanding how affiliate programs work. Their basic concept is quite similar to that of all internet network marketing plans, you introduce someone who introduces someone else and eventually you build what's know as a down-line. Down-lines today are also referred to as matrices in order to avoid the negative association sometimes aligned with network marketing. However, the educated network marketer is going to understand the difference between a legitimate marketing plan and a pyramid scheme. There is a huge difference.

The basic and most defining difference between network marketing and pyramid schemes (other than pyramids are illegal) is really quite basic. If you draw any plan out on paper the basic shape you are looking at after you get your two down-line and Jim gets his two and Sally gets her two is inevitably going to look like a triangle. That shape does not constitute a pyramid scheme. If only the circle at the top of your triangle is receiving any monetary reward for his efforts and all the little circles under him are receiving nothing, that is a pyramid and is illegal in the United States and most other first and second world countries.

Now that we understand that what is going on here is perfectly legal, network marketing foes not need to carry a bad reputation. So whether you choose to call it a down-line or a matrix, the premise is the same. You are introducing others to a plan to make money and that is known as network marketing. Affiliate network marketing, and in particular free affiliate network marketing is based on the concept that you can try out the program first without risking your money, and you can invite others to do the same as well. It is quite possible to build a down-line with a free affiliate network marketing plan without having to join the program first, and then upgrade in order to qualify for earned sales on your down-line's upgrades as well. Again, pretty simple. It's like test driving the care for awhile before you decide to either pay for it or return it.


This is really exciting stuff when you think about it. Not only do you get to try out the free affiliate program for free, so does everyone that you introduce to the program. Considering the fact that network marketing of any kind is not the right avenue for some people, it allows the up-line to determine where to place their efforts when working with their down-line. Everybody has a solid understanding before the subject of shelling out any money ever arises, and often success is easier to attain because of that understanding.

All network marketing programs require an education as you proceed, and affiliate network marketing programs are in fact no different. It is imperative that an individual understands their program as well as marketing resources as they begin their endeavor into the realm of internet marketing. Often the educational resources are quite biased and deliver unrealistic promises that can't be met without first chunking down large sums of money.

So where does one turn to find this much needed education? Luckily there is a resource out there targeted specifically at free affiliate internet marketing programs that can help to answer all the typically unanswered questions. In addition to article on this blog, my newsletter has the answers to the questions you didn't even know you had.


It's not easy to swim out the in a virtual sea of sharks when you're not even sure which direction to take to find the shoreline. Independent marketing resources are absolutely the lifeboat that is desperately needed in the realm of this endless sea. Please take note of the words, independent and unbiased.

Why are these words so important? Because they are not simply pay to post websites. Quite a bit, affiliates all over the world get discouraged and quit their affiliate journey because no one ever tells them which programs work and how to begin. My newsletter will guide anyone interested in building your exposure with the correct systems and then utilize the exposure you build and promote the money makers. Internet marketing does not have to be expensive either especially if you know where the prospects are ;). My newsletter will show you this for free!

Free affiliate programs are popping up all over the internet. Critics say this will ultimately be the death of them, however most marketers who actually make a handsome living from internet marketing vehemently disagree. The onset of the free affiliate program has allowed people to learn without burning, so to speak. The learning curve is much shorter and of course the resources saved in joining a free program is then translated into advertising dollars, making the program more successful overall.

For those interested in joining the free affiliate network marketing revolution but have yet to settle on which affiliate program is right for them, subscribe to the free newsletter and it will show you exactly which programs work. Then spend the time you saved from having to research to promote and build your lead count.

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