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Where To Generate Website Traffic

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Website traffic is important for any website for both, raising awareness and making sales.

For beginners, Youtube, Facebook, Search engines advertising can be expensive given you have to find your right audience. Testing can be done effectively on budget quickly.

For me safelists were and still are the best methods to capture where my traffic comes from and target on social media according to that.

What are safelists you might ask?

An email safelist is a list of "approved" or "safe" email senders. ... Safelists are valuable tools for your deliverability, as you can prompt your subscribers to add your email address to their whitelist, ensuring that your emails reach the intended inbox and do not get routed into a spam, junk, or promotions folder.

These are someone else's collected emails that you can email and promote your website to. There are thousands of people ready to see your message in these effective programs.

There are, however, many safelists to chose from and only a few stand out to get the correct assessment of data.

Here are the ones I use and recommend:

This is a safelist with a difference. You can send out emails as well as offer incentives to other members to join your program. It's a great way to get people to try what you are offering.

I have belonged to this safelist for a while, and it has gotten me some commissions. The upgrade rate for this site is quite high as it is well known and the advertising is responsive.

A highly-rated, premium safelist with over 40,000 members. The loyalty program is a key benefit for members who renew the memberships. SOTAM pays commissions weekly. As the membership base expands, SOTAM increased the number of email recipients for the top-level upgrade. Top-level Viralists can send email to 30,000 members every 3 days.

My personal favourite! Started in 2001, continues to grow its membership base to 89,000+ currently.. With a large membership, you are trading CTR for click volume. A safelist with a small membership base may give you a higher CTR, but fewer people looking at your ad. My current Herculist CTR is .06%, but total clicks is almost 4,000. While free to join, the low-cost upgrades are worthwhile and recommended. They have video tutorials that are very helpful ;)

The best money making system that I used so far to promote and make money with is right here. Check it out!

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